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Thumbnail 28000_Baby_Names_MRR
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* Over 28,000 Baby names easy to read, beautifully designed * A to Z Listings for Boys and Girls * Top 100 names from the year 2000 to...


Thumbnail How_To_Pick_Up_Girls_Bible_PLR
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It was funny how a few year's ago, I was an average frustrated schmoe who thought putting a woman on a pedestal would lead to sex...I'd...

The_ultimate_motivation_handbo ok_mrr

Thumbnail The_Ultimate_Motivation_Handbook_MRR
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You'll discover 30 different methods to help you get and stay motivated so that you can reach your goals. How a "morning ritual" can help you start...


Thumbnail Confident_Kids_PLR
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Creating Confident Kids Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to make our kids...

Exploring Eft Plr

Thumbnail Exploring EFT PLR
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Emotional Freedom Technique. It works to free the user of both physical and emotional pain and relieve chronic conditions by healing the physical responses our bodies...

Free_yourself_from_panic_attac ks_plr

Thumbnail Free_Yourself_From_Panic_Attacks_PLR
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With all the stresses and strains of modern living, panic attacks are become a common problem for many people. Panic attacks occur when the pressure we...


Thumbnail Facebook_Marketing_Secrets_PLR
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Facebook is the leading social community online. With over 300 million users, there has never been a better way to maximize your exposure, and get your...

Healthy Body And Healthy Mind

Thumbnail Healthy Body And Healthy Mind
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Health is recession-proof. Regardless how rich or poor you are, your health has been, is and will forever be the most crucial part of your life....

Fast Fat Loss

Thumbnail Fast Fat Loss
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we are getting fat, is because most of us live sedentary lives. Kids are not spending their time running around and playing games outside. Instead, they jump on their...